Durango Herald recently wrote an article about Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II scholar-activist.

“Amidst the dawn of a new presidential administration and the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline issue, demonstrators, it seems, are a more frequent sight both nationally and in Durango.

To many, sign-wielding protesters are little more than nuisances, cliches and whiners. But Anthony Nocella, an assistant professor at Fort Lewis College, insists that it matters.

Nocella teaches sociology, criminology, gender and women’s studies, environmental studies, and peace and conflict studies, frequently instructing, literally, by demonstration. Last November, he led students to Standing Rock to join tribes across the nation in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to bring protesters warm clothing.

Since he came to Fort Lewis College in 2015, the assistant professor has organized rallies on and off campus focused on sexual assault, people with disabilities, the Black Lives Matter movement and environmental causes.”

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